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I like dogs and food. And yes, I like reading and writing, too.

This book may be about war but what is life if not war persevering?

“The Art of War” is presumably the earliest war and military science treatise written by Sun Tzu, a Chinese general, military strategist, writer, and philosopher.

This treatise has influenced both Eastern and Western warfare, military thinking, and strategies. It is also reported that Napoleon read the book when it was published in Paris in 1782.

Long story short, this treatise is a significant piece of work — and art — that has affected the history of humankind.

Although we no longer witness the traditional warfares, this book is still a good read, because life is a war.

I have compiled…

You and your colleagues will love you more.

If you are here, you know what you are doing, so let’s cut to the chase.

Never push broken code to main or master. Always use a branch to tweak and test your code.

Do you know how annoying it is to clone a repo and it fails to run on the first try? It is such a mood breaker. Some people keep pushing to master or the main branch even though they have not tested the code tweak properly. Don’t be those people.

You can create a branch from the master should you need to change the code. For example, name your branch john_tweak.

git branch john_tweak

Don’t forget to check out your newly created branch.


Frequently talk with your friends; they might have the answers you have been looking for.

I enjoy a deep, one-on-one dialogue with a friend. Such conversation often leads to unexpected wisdom coming from their mouth. During this time, we open up to each other, telling personal stories and sharing experiences. And you realize that they are, after all, human beings with wisdom, no matter how silly they act.

Often, our friends are weird, silly, and stupid beings that you spend time with to have fun. But on rare occasions, they become the source of wisdom and the reason for my contemplation.

These random quotes come from deep and connected conversation, that is why it is…

Staying resourceful and cautious with money when you are wealthy is a superpower.

I was poor, by design.

I enrolled in a university in Singapore, one of the most expensive cities in the world. I was smart enough to get in but not wealthy enough to attend comfortably. We didn't have enough money to cover everything.

Looking back from hindsight, the good money habits I have today stem from the resourcefulness when I had little to no money.

All good money habits have one root: spending effectively (Yes, it is not about not spending or being frugal). When you know when and why to spend, you win.

Invest in yourself first.

Society went crazy about investing recently…

The key is to let them be in the spotlight.

“She listened to him all night and he found her fascinating.”

Vanna Bonta

Do you remember what your friend told you last week about her boring weekend? If you are like most people, then no.

Do you remember when your friend listened attentively to your heartbreak story? If you are like most people, then yes.

No one remembers what the other part of the conversation talks about. The truth is no one cares. You don’t care about his perfect sunny side up. You don’t care about his cats. You don’t care about where did she go last night. …

Some tasks are not yours to do

Dad, where is my laptop? — me

I’m fixing it. — Dad

2 weeks later.

Dad, where is my laptop? — me

Fixing it. Be patient. — dad

I never use that laptop anymore.

DIY activities are gaining popularity. The pandemic accelerates it. The global DIY tools market is expected to grow to USD13.9 Billion by 2021 — Technavio.

DIY mentality is an excellent skill. It forces us to be adaptable and resourceful. It also indicates independence and intelligence, as DIY enthusiasts often plunge into a totally new topic, guided by the mighty Google and YouTube. These people are inspiring.

Because some people don’t have the time or the energy to be dandies.

Everyone knows how visual our society is.

Everyone knows people judge from the outside.

Everyone knows your look often defines your next step.

However, not everyone wants to put in the effort to look good, especially men.

The truth is you don’t need the routine of K-POP idols to look good. You just need some basic maintenance.

Understand basic fashion

If you don’t care about your clothes, that’s it. You can’t look good.

Handsome faces are only a small percentage of your overall look. The rest comes from styling. It is a fact that some people look good wearing whatever. What can you…

And stop glorifying entrepreneurship; it’s not for everyone.

No one ever got rich by working from 9 to 5. Sure, but no one has ever gone bankrupt or has been in huge debt by working 9-to-5.

Most startups fail. To be precise, 90% of them fail. Although entrepreneurship does not necessarily mean founding a startup, you get the gist that not everyone is destined to do it.

It’s mind-boggling that society regards entrepreneurship as the “ultimate goal of life.” Working on your own time and for yourselves is mouthwatering. You thought that it’s the life you want. …

Follow these Amazon principles to reach and stay on top.

One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out.”

— Jeff Bezos

Amazon started from a humble beginning. From an online bookstore, it has now transformed into an everything-store. Everyone knows how huge Amazon is. Everyone knows how it reached the top, climbing from a business operating in a garage to a multinational company operating from a massive headquarter in Seattle. But have you considered what makes Amazon stays on top?

Here are the leaders’ principles that make Amazon “peculiar.”

Customer Obsession


If it is not specific, it will not materialize.

“He who fails to plan is planning to fail.”

— Winston Churchill

Every time I ask people about their long-term goals, they always baffle me.

I want to be rich.

I want to make my parents happy.

I want to be happy.

They are not well-defined. They can be interpreted wildly. They can be achieved in an infinite number of ways. They are ridiculous, and frankly, meaningless.

You can’t plan with unspecific goals

Such goals are useless because they are not specific. When a goal is not specific, we cannot concoct a plan to achieve it. Hence, it is less likely to materialize.

We understand how…

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